Benefits Of Counselling

"You Were Born With Wings, Why Prefer To Crawl Through Life" - Rumi

 If we think about our different cultural backgrounds, personalities and life experiences we could be likened to a beautiful mosaic of different races, colours, shapes and sizes. This makes a community or nation of people. It is good to talk to a professional counsellor about the things concerning you in your life today. My approach is to hold a safe space, for us to work collaboratively on the things concerning you.    

 I work with all ages, individuals, families, couples, and adolescents 13-19 years.


waterfall-croppedLife stories are important to us in order to make sense of who we are, and where we have come from. I put an emphasis on this because sometimes society can put people into a category they feel is unfair. Whatever your uniqueness means, whether it be a disability, health problem, or relationship which needs attention we are all unique individuals equal to one another.

 Understanding ourselves can reduce conflict in all relationships. Conflict can be inner or external and is experienced differently for each individual based on their experiences and background. Conflict can put a strain on important relationships and families. If we can work together to address what is going on at the core, growth takes place and more positivity.

The transition process between childhood and adulthood can be a bumpy ride for many, our cultures are diverse and teenagers often feel peer pressure to fit in.  

Here are some clients who allowed me to use parts of their story (all names are changed) to show how they have overcome issues successfully during counselling.


downloadWoman Age 18

I feel heard and understood by Michelle, she seems to know how I am really feeling inside without me having to say exactly what it is. I felt safe.

Male Age 23

I was able to sort some things out that had been causing me stress, and I felt supported to do that. I started to understand myself better thanks to Michelle.

Couple Age Mid 20's

To be honest I was reluctant to come at first but our relationship was in crisis and we had nobody else to go to with our problems. Therapy has helped us to listen to each other again and not second guess what the other person is thinking or feeling. Our communication is much clearer we give each other time to speak. I learnt to value our differences in knowing it is ok to have disagreements, our relationship is back on track. I am also thankful.

Woman Age 21

After giving birth to my first child, I realised that it bought up a lot of my own childhood issues with my mother and father so Michelle helped me to work through all the mess. It really worked for me and I am much calmer and happier, so is my family.

Woman Age 33

counselling benefits 3I was so relieved to start my Counselling sessions.  I had trouble in my personal relationships and was left feeling empty. I spent the first few sessions upset but it was such a relief. By exploring my feelings around relationships, I managed to sort out how I truly felt and began negotiating changes.

Male Age 26

I started therapy not knowing where to turn to for support because my emotions took over and were causing problems with my partner. I learnt how to recognise triggers and manage my anger when it usually skyrocketed.  I no longer felt like i needed to hit out, I have regained my self respect. I found a compassionate counsellor to help control my anger.  I was challenged but not judged.

images-19-croppedWoman Age 57

I was in a bad place and felt like a failure. I couldn’t see why I had attracted the men that I did until I entered into Counselling and started to explore the relationship I had with my father and realised I had low self-esteem and poor self-image.  I had to re-learn to praise myself and acknowledge things i did well. I learnt to recognise my self-determination. I started to draw a line under those negative past relationships. I am still learning how to esteem myself and love myself but I am on my way with thanks to Michelle.

Man Age 45 


When I started counselling I had more or less come unglued. I had problems in my personal relationships and a drug habit. I soon discovered it was a relief to explore core beliefs about myself and caregiver relationships, after spending some time in foster homes; counselling helped me to unburden some experiences. I was able to start feeling put back together again.                                                                                                                                                         

“To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment.”

Ralph Waldo Emerson