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 Making Time For Counselling






  •  The duration of your treatment will depend upon which approach you want us to work within.  The goals that you set and what you want to achieve.  How you manage change and the process of change.

  • The Initial Assessment will last for approx 60 minutes.  This will help direct the fouus of sessions. At week 6 we will review how things are going, to ensure the counselling is working for you.  At the end you have the option to complete an outcome measure form for monitoring well-being. I always encourage client feedback.

 A Simple Guide

  • CBT is Time Limited For 6-12 weeks
  • Client Centred Therapy Is Open-Ended To Suit On-Going Needs
  • Equine Assisted Learning Is Weekly, 10 Sessions - 12 Months
  • Couples Counselling And Coaching 10 -18 Weeks
  • Review Regularly 6 weeks Throughout Our Time Together.

When assessing your needs, we have the choice to complete a CORE evaluation score form, to help identify where you need to be supported most.

The sessions mostly last for 60 minutes with the exception of Equine Assisted Learning where we work for 90 minutes.  Couples might prefer 90 minutes and to come every 10 days.

There is flexibility to come more than once a week if in a crisis, or alternatively if your circumstances should change, we can set up skype or telephone sessions.  Endings will be discussed when it seems appropriate and negotiated from both sides.

Your Personal Material

When you contact me, you can expect me to be deeply empathic and compassionate towards you and the material which you bring.  Whilst we are working together, I commit to being both non-judgemental and open minded.  I can guarantee that you and the material which you share will be held in a spirit of care.

Cost Of Sessions?

  • A Free 15 Minute Telephone Consultation Or e-mail.
  • Cost Is Based On A Sliding Scale Related To Income.
  • I Offer Limited Consessions For Students.
  • Individual Adults & Adolescent £55
  • Couples £65
  • Families (2-4 people) £65
  • Supervision £50
  • Equine Assisted Psychotherapy £60
  • Clients on Benefits/Unemployed & students £45
  • All phone calls/e-mails are treated with respect, confidentiality and responded to by myself
  • Contact me now on: 07533-845-118

Or you can e-mail me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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