Therapeutic Sessions

"These pains you feel are messengers, Listen to them." Rumi

 Creating A helping Space                                                                                                  






I work within a warm, caring environment where we can explore your needs together. Through creating a strong therapeutic alliance we will work on your concerns.

Where there are any personal differences these will be put aside to create safety. We will explore your needs and find answers to your questions.

We will work in-depth on your concerns.  If you come for CBT I will observe Important core beliefs and thought processes that might be causing you stress and that might be outdated. Together we can uncover patterns of attachment, observing fear-based drives or ambivalent feelings and work to help you understand yourself more clearly. The goal is more self-awareness. Change is possible when you have insight and resources to make it happen.



Experience has taught me that when a person feels accurately heard, held, valued and supported
with their story, they can heal. People begin to understand that their experience has been validated and can trust the journey of healing. 
This process of change can come as instant as floodlights switching on, or it can be like a steady release of pressure, and a letting go of damaging emotions held in the body and mind.  There is no set sequence for each person is unique.
The power of healing can be magical as things fall into place or when you have those "AHA" moments!
Whatever the circumstances you will find a place here to share your unique story and receive the right
support with professional skills to take you forward on your journey in life with more clarity and joy than previously.

 Developing a New Perspective

A fresh perspective can help you to see things differently.
Seeing things from a different angle can offer you new insights, ideas, and options. 
It can free you up so you can achieve the things that you set out to do in life.  Often two minds working together create more balance and therefore insight. As a result of counselling, you can learn to be more assertive, intentional and focused around relationships.
"Counselling will help you to learn to recognise
unhelpful thoughts. To challenge
negative beliefs and therefore behaviours. To support you to start believing in yourself and unlearn
negative scripts about who you are and what your
future holds..."


Letting go 

We create a space for answers to be found, processing choices, and working with any changes that you identify whether they are internal mindsets or external ones. I will not advise you on how to live your life or make any decisions for you.

 I understand that some life experiences can cause people to feel less connected to their truth; lack trust, low self-esteem, confusion, anxiety, fragile process, low confidence, loss of creativity, depression or long term distress.



Space For Transformation

I would not be able to remove troublesome or unwanted symptoms immediately, but there is hope in working towards the healing you desire, as well as the life you want.  I am committed to helping you on your journey, by empathising, understanding and identifying your feelings in a compassionate way.

I can gently challenge you to look beyond your issues to possible solutions to resolve troublesome emotions or memories.

“We cannot change anything until we accept it. Condemnation does not liberate, it oppresses.”

Carl Jung