Equine Assisted Learning(EAL)

    Horses lend us the wings and wisdom we lack -  (Pam Bean)



Life is too short to miss out on being really happy - Cowgirl way 



Why Use A Horse?

Firstly, horses are free-spirited and powerful herd animals!

What might you gain, and learn, from spending time with them to support and enhance your life, friendships, or decisions?

  • In a nutshell, it's really important to know what it's like to be vulnerable and to be safe.
  • Horses can pick up on your inner feelings without saying a word.
  • They have a sixth sense, due to being at the bottom of the food chain. 
  • You can learn new fun ways to assert yourself.
  • Horses can help you cope better when life tests you.
  • Come and learn leadership skills by watching how horses handle being in the pecking order.

 My Story

I was born into a family of horse lovers, my mother has persistently encouraged & supported me to keep my passion for horses alive.  I owned my first shetland pony at age 5, called Goldie, he was very mischevious and everything a little girl might dream of, the beginning of my love for horses.  I have also turned to horses when life has been overwhelming or confusing, they have been a constant reminder to keep it simple and be in the present moment.  

 Having spent time in my youth growing up with horses, I appreciate how they can add simplicity in a confusing world. I learnt about the bond of true friendship by developing it with our horses. I honour them for how they help to support a calmer, clearer quality of experience. 

  Hayley's Story 


I was self-harming (cutting) for quite a long time. It was hard to tell anybody how I was feeling. I took an overdose and ended up hospitalised. That was a dark time. When I started equine therapy with Michelle and Twigglet they helped me to work through these difficulties. They have taught me how to gain confidence, clarity, and focus on different ways to cope with how I feel when overwhelmed.  I slowly stopped hurting myself and I don't cut myself anymore. When I want to harm myself I listen to music, read or journal. I do still want to do sometimes, but I can stop myself now.

I feel like I have helped the horse as well as she helped me. Michelle told me Twigglets story of how she was beaten at an eventers yard, but now she's like a different animal.  She has learned to trust.  I feel confident connected, this bond shows up our work together it feels good. 


Marcella 40

I wanted to try horse therapy because i needed something different. I tried counselling on a few occasions during the difficult times, but it was short-lived.  I loved horses and thought I'll give it a go. I had an unsettled childhood and that was still getting in the way of me moving forward with my adult life. We talked about goals, and it felt natural.  I enjoyed the learning and feel in a better place emotionally.

Sara Age 50

I needed some help with an eating disorder. I had been struggling with this for a number of years. Michelle has really helped me learn new ways. She taught me how to recognise my emotions and patterns that play out.  I feel happier and learnt some great ways of coping.

Ben Age 16

My family started to notice that I was withdrawing, and not enjoying life how I used to.  They suggested I see a counsellor for my anxiety and low mood.  I struggled for 18 months of feeling alone.  I heard about equine therapy through my mother.  She suggested I try it for support.  It was amazing being with the horses and Michelle was very good at listening to the things that were getting the better of me. We used a gentle pony named Alfie to assist me over the blocks and obstacles in my way. I feel more positive and optimistic about life.

Charlotte Age 15

I loved the simple idea of horses helping you heal.  I found the horse feedback was always beyond my expectation and led me to understand things about myself I never knew where a problem.  I know that horses pick up on my emotions and this helped me to be motivated to work on my anger. 

As these clients demonstrate how horses helped them to heal. Why not come and experience it for yourself? Come visit us in these beautiful wooded surroundings. Set some goals and make it happen.  Get answers to difficult questions. You can also have fun learning to re-focus, dream a new dream, and let go of what doesn't help you grow. 

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Experiencing Things In A New Way

Meet the team at the riding stables in Arnold. We're tucked out of the way and occupy a quiet space.

We're ready to welcome you to our quiet retreat, and take the time to be with you, wherever you are at. There are 3 health professionals who support me to facilitate you on your journey with the horses. My friend Lucy Moore has been a volunteer since November 2014, she is passionate about horses and helping people grow.

Volunteer -  Lucy Moore

Lucy is a warm and gentle lady who can be a lot of fun to be around. Lucy is originally from Brazil, and one of her qualities is to cook wonderful traditional dishes that she will often cook up for friends and family at the weekend. Lucy currently works in Edge of care for the Nottingham City Council and has historically been employed with the NHS for over 25 years.

Volunteer -  Helena Derriscott

Helena has a wealth of experience, both as a horse handler and owner.  She also studied a BA (Hons) Equine Science Degree

We're excited about supporting you -  It works on the inside out to resolve distress, stuckness or unanswered questions. It takes place over a number of sessions, usually 8-10. Each Person learns powerfully in an experiential way until you have learned what is needed to make changes and move forward.

Horses can help you learn many things

  • Safety & Trust
  • Clear communication 
  • A Healthy Pace Of Life/Slowing down
  • Bonding
  • Balance In Relationships
  • Cleansing Of Negativity
  • Positive Changes
  • Overcoming Obstacles
  • Self-Awareness/Being present
  • Letting Go
  • Reflection skills To Support Awareness
  • Confidence Building
  • Dealing With Limitations
  • Self-care
  • Celebrating your uniqueness       

Barriers To Growth

Discover your barriers to growth. Horses pick up on both strength and weakness. Learn to process these feelings in a constructive way.


We facilitate safe tasks, such as brushing, leading, feeding, and at liberty work in the school. It is never solely about the tasks, but about the process of learning new things, feelings, thoughts, fears and obstacles to overcome in a successful way.

On meeting 1-1 we will complete an assessment to make sure it's suitable for you.  Equine therapy is experiential in nature and participants learn about themselves with the horses. A very simple but effective practice.

Safety Comes First

  • eagalaYour safety is most important to us
  • Health & Safety is covered
  • Your updated medical information is required
  • Please tell us of any changes to medication


  • No riding is required
  • All activities will be carried out from the ground

Reported benefits ~ widely recognised for its positive impact and often outstanding results with troubled children, adolescents, and couples or families in conflict.

We address a variety of emotional needs like trust, overcoming fears, respect, self-care, self-awareness, self-confidence, self-worth, self-esteem, communication skills, friendship and all together with the sense of well being and vitality.


The Equine Assisted Learning Therapy sessions are held at the stables in 3 acres, Winterton Rd, West Somerton, Gt Yarmouth, NR29 4DR

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