Equine Assisted Learning(EAL)

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(Pam Brown)



 logoequine1Why Use A Horse?

Firstly horses are free spirited and powerful animals!

What might you gain, and learn, from spending time with the horses that will support and enhance your life, friendships, or important relationships?

  • In a nut shell, it's really important to be heard, valued, and to know what it's like to be vulnerable and be safe.
  • Horses can pick up on your inner feelings without you saying anything. They have a sixth sense, due to being at the bottom of the food chain. 
  • You can learn new ways to cope better with the help of the horse when life tests you.
  • Come and learn leadership skills amoungst the horses.

I have witnessed, family and friends enhance their quality of life through the horse. Having spent my youth growing up with horses, in my sometimes hectic and confusing world, going through teenage angst. I learnt about the bond of true friendship you develop with your horse. I honour them for how they help to support a calmer, clearer and better quality of experiencing in life. 

 My Story

I was born into a family of horse lovers, passed on by my mother who has persistently encouraged and supported me to use horses to grow and to look to for answers in life.  I owned my first shetland pony at age 5 called Goldie, he was very mischevious and everything a little girl might dream of, as well as the begining of my love for horses.  I have also turned to horses when life has been overwhelming and confusing..  

Meet Hayley, a 14 year old girl who came to me for equine Therapy on 9 March 2015 to resolve some emotional unrest, and began some great work.  She worked with a horse called Twiglet who had her own scars to heal.


Hayley's Story 


 I struggled with self harm for quite a long time. It was hard to tell anybody how I was feeling. I tried to take an overdose and ended up hospitalised. That was a dark place. When I started equine therapy with Michelle and Twigglet they helped me to work through some of these difficulties. They have taught me how to gain clarity, and focused on different ways to deal with how I feel when overwhelmed.  I slowly stopped self harming and I don't cut myself anymore. When I want to harm myself I listen to music, read or journal. I do still want to do it but I can stop myself now.

I feel like I have helped Twigglet as well as she helped me, as Michelle has told me Twigglets story of how she was beaten at an eventers yard, but now she's like a differnet horse.  She has re-learn to trust.  I feel connected and this bond shows by our work together in the school and stable. 

 Participant Testimonials

I wanted to try equine therapy because i had already experienced counselling on numerous occasions during my life and wanted a different approach.  I love horses and thought i'll to give it a go. I had some trouble from my childhood that was getting in the way of me moving forwards with my life, so i worked them through with Michelle and with Twigglet's help, they have helped me to move on so much.

Sarah Age 48

I needed some help with an eating disorder i had been struggling with for a couple of years and Michelle has really helped me. She taught me how to recognise my emotions and patterns that play out in my relationship and life.  I feel happier and learnt some new ways of coping.

Ben Age 16

Family started to notice that i wasn't enjoying life how i used to and suggested I see a counsellor for my anxiety and low mood.  I struggled for 6 months.  I heard about equine therapy through my mother and she suggested that i give it a go.  It was amazing working with the horses and Michelle was very good at listening to the things that were getting ontop of me. We used a gentle pony named Alfie to assist me over the obstacles in my way. I feel more positive and free from past hurts.

Charlotte Age 15

I loved how simple the concept is, a horse to help you heal.  I found the feedback was always beyond my expectation, and blew me away with how close i felt connected.  I know that she picked up on my emotions and helped me to move forwards in a more whole way. 

Lilly Age 19

 A Horse will help you to work towards a new goal, recognise your strengths.  Help you to find answers to difficult questions, while teaching you to be more present. You can also have fun learning to re-focus, dream and let go. 

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Experiencing Things In A New Way

Come and meet the team at Liberty Services in Arnold. We're tucked out of the way and occupy a quiet space.

We're ready to welcome you to our quiet spot, and take the time to be with you, where you are at. There are 3 health professionals who support me to facilitate you on your journey with the horses. Lucy Moore has been a volunteer since November 2014, she is passionate about horses and helping people.

Volunteer Lucy Moore

Lucy is a warm and gentle lady who can be alot of fun to spend time with. Lucy is origionally from Brazil, and one of her qualities is to cook wonderful traditional dishes that she will often cook up for friends and family at the weekend. Lucy currently works in Edge of care for the Nottingham City Council and has historically been employed with the NHS for over 25 years.

We're excited about supporting you to learn about Equine Assisted learning (EAL) it works on the inside out to resolve unanswered questions or distress during a number of sessions, usually 10 -18. Each Person learns powerfully in an experiential way, until you have learned what is needed to make changes and move forwards.

Horses can help you learn many things

  • Safety & Trust
  • Clear communication 
  • A Healthy Pace Of Life/Slowing down
  • Bonding
  • Balance In Relationships
  • Cleansing Of Negativity
  • Positive Changes
  • Overcoming Obstacles
  • Self-Awareness/Being present
  • Letting Go
  • Reflection skills To Support Awareness
  • Confidence Building
  • Dealing With Limitations
  • Self care
  • Celebrating your uniqueness       

Barriers To Growth

Horses have a natural ability to detect feelings and break through defense barriers, they pick up on what's going on inside.

Join In Activities

We facilitate safe tasks, such as brushing, leading, feeding, and at liberty work in the school. It is never solely about the tasks, but about the process of learning new things, feelings, thoughts, fears and obstacles to overcome in a successful way.

Meeting Up

On meeting we will complete an assessment to make sure it's suitable for you.  Equine therapy is experiential in nature and participants learn about themselves and get more clarity on areas of growth. A very simple but effective practice.

On arrival we will give you the My Liberty Welcome Pack to start.

Safety Comes First

  • eagalaYour safety is most important to me
  • My horse Is safe and trusted


  • No riding is required
  • All activities will be carried out from the ground

Reported benefits ~ widely recognised for its positive impact and often outstanding results with troubled children, adolescence, and couples or families in conflict.

We address a variety of emotional needs like trust, overcoming fears, respect, self-care, self-awareness, self-confidence, self-worth, self-esteem, communication skills, friendship and all together sense of well being and vitality.

Location In Arnold

The Equine Assisted Learning Therapy sessions are held at the stables in Woodside Riding School, Bestwood Country Park, Arnold, Nottingham, NG5 8NE. www.woodsidestables.net.

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