Couples Counselling


Marriage in crisis? 

Relationship not working?

Get the help you need.

Get the tools you need to fix your marriage problems with step-by-step support with relationship counsellor Michelle Furlong.

 If you have previously tried couples counselling and the intervention failed this service is for you.

 Hurt and frustrated couples go around in circles, completely unaware of the simple but effective steps they can take to save their marriage.


A powerful and sucessful approach to heal your marriage


Frequently asked questions

  • Is it possible for the love to come back?
  • Is it possible to have your partner empathise rather than criticise?
  • Is it possible to recover after the damage of an affair?
  • Is it possible to end the rows and gain some peace when it seems like a constant battle of who's at fault?
  • Is it possible to reignite the passion in a sexless relationship which is void of emotion?

All answers are Yes

All 83% of Michelle's couples re-connect during the counselling sessions and workshops to move through their problems. They learn the skills required to get their marriage back on track, and to actually start to enjoy being a couple again.

What's different?

The approach is different in there is a clear plan to move forwads and to track progress. 

The plan creates a structure to work within and the marriage reaps the benefits immediately.

There is no need to look back unless what's happened in the past creates a block to move forwards towards health and healing.

Engaging in the couples counselling is educational.

Key factors are uncovered that took you from love to destruction.

Learning the key differences between men and women and how the new awareness can revolutionise your relationship.

Set homework given after each session relevant to your individual needs.

Regular reviews of the marriage/relationship.

Learning to be emotionally robust and promote honesty and empathy rather than hiding and defensiveness.

Create a healthy environment to work within that can be re-created in the home.

Learn to take "Time-out" when needed.

Recognize unhelpful communication styles.

Appreciate how fundermentally different men and women are and consequently the varying needs.

Break away from despair after as few as 2-3 sessions, remarkable changes can be achieved from simple steps.

Shift from a no win situation to a win-win situation in order to see a future with your mate even after you have tried and tried to no avail previously.  

Contact me today and let's begin the journey to a better marriage.



“We may define therapy as a search for the value.”

Abraham Maslow